Hearts, Love, BEARS and New Releases!

BEAR IN LOVE and BEAR IN TROUBLE are available NOW! 

Cozy up with a BEAR for Valentine’s Day! These two books overlap on the big day, but each can be read as a stand-alone!

Happy passionate heterosexual couple in studio

BEAR IN LOVE — Owen and Fiona’s story! 

Fiona Montgomery has been in love with Owen since she moved to Shadow Ridge two years ago. The first time she saw him, she knew their bears were meant to be together. Although the infrequent dates were disappointing, she understood his passion for the family business, and didn’t press him to give her more. When Owen promises her a surprise, she thinks he’s finally ready to move their relationship to the next level, until she meets the new Mrs. Chocolate.

Owen Waverly never minded making sacrifices in his personal life, or working long hours, until his curvy mate walked into his store for the first time. Suddenly, he wanted more than a prosperous business; he also wanted a wife and a family. The internal struggle plagued him until he realized he wanted one more than the other.

Determined not to spend Valentine’s Day alone, Fiona contacts the Matchmaker for a date and escapes to her hometown of Shadow Creek. Owen follows, but as the big day approaches, he realizes he might not find Fiona in time. Sometimes a bear in love needs a little help, a little luck, and a whole lot of determination.

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Happy passionate heterosexual couple in studio

BEAR IN TROUBLE — Caleb and Marianne’s story! 

Caleb Montgomery (Fiona’s brother) has been in love with his roommate forever, but has kept silent out of fear. He’d agreed to a sexual relationship, in the hopes that she’d change her mind, but she never did. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, he decides he can no longer live in silence, and plans to tell her the truth on the day of love.

Tall, curvy, Marianne Harris has always known she wasn’t Caleb’s type, but when he offered her a friend’s with benefits relationship, she couldn’t say no. The approach of Valentine’s Day reminds her of how they met, and what her fate will be when Caleb finds the one.

When Caleb finds out Marianne contacted the Matchmaker for a date, anger and jealousy replace his fear and he lets her go without a fight. Marianne knows she must take drastic measures, or she’ll never be able to move on, but her heart aches for her bear. When two bears who love each other keep silent, the Matchmaker steps in and helps a bear in trouble.

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6 thoughts on “Hearts, Love, BEARS and New Releases!

    • Thank you, Karen, I’m glad you enjoyed the books! 🙂

      Your question about the covers is a good one, and I thank you for taking the time to ask. Basically, I wanted to use couple pics for this series, but classy, sexy, BBW couple pics are difficult to find, so I opted for couples I liked instead of focusing on size. I wanted couples in love, which I think the covers convey, but I understand that some readers won’t agree with me or will be disappointed with my choices. You’re not the first person who has asked me about this, and in the future, I’ll stick to sexy torsos/men instead of couples! 🙂

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