Trent is HERE!!

hunk of a man


Here’s the blurb:

Down on her luck, curvy chef Olive Campbell has reached the bottom of the barrel. She has no job, no money, no boyfriend and no prospects. The way things are going, she’ll never get the chance to work with food again. When she sees an ad asking for a mail order bride who can cook, it seems like her luck is beginning to change.

Grumpy, woman-hating, grizzly bear shifter Trent Mallory can’t believe the nerve of his brothers. They might be lucky in love, but that gives them no right to place an ad searching for a bride on his behalf. He may be lonely, but he’ll take a lifetime of loneliness over being faced with trusting a woman again.

Angry and confused by his brothers’ betrayal, and the revival of long buried feelings, Trent decides to prove once and for all he’s better off alone. His plan works as expected, but after meeting Olive, he can’t deny his desire for a life filled with love. Thanks to his brothers, he has two weeks to apologize and convince his curvy mate to marry him.

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8 thoughts on “Trent is HERE!!

  1. I’ve read it and loved it!! Can’t for another book by you, Miss Shae. I have read and own every book you’ve written. Anticipating more. Thank you for writing such excellent books.

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