New Release: Caroline’s Story!

Muscular young sexy guy posing in jeans and bare-chested

BEAR SEEKING BRIDE: LUKE is Caroline’s story! 

Here’s the blurb:

Caroline Madison is curvy, beautiful, and often the life of the party. Her confident, easy going personality has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable. Unfortunately, once the party is over, her voice sends men running far, far away. She’s never been asked on a second date, and as much as she wants a life filled with love and her own family, she knows she’s destined to be a one date wonder.

Lucas Wellington, a grizzly bear shifter, owns the best sandwich shop in Bear Canyon. Despite his past, he’s made a life for himself that anyone would be proud of. The only thing missing is a mate. Unfortunately, male shifters outnumber the women three to one, and the thought of placing an ad for a bride is out of the question. He’d hate to find the one, only to have her look at him with disgust when his past is revealed.

After yet another failed date, Caroline decides a vacation is in order. She visits Bear Canyon, not for the ratio of men to women, but to see her newly married best friends. When she meets Luke, their attraction is instant, but after one fantastic date Luke rejects her. Luke vows to keep his distance, but Caroline’s voice sooths him in a way he can’t explain and he can’t stay away forever. In a last ditch effort to save his future, Luke exposes his secrets. Will Caroline turn him away, or will she finally get the second date she’s always dreamed of?


2 thoughts on “New Release: Caroline’s Story!

  1. I loved this story!! I feel like a kid in a candy store when one of your books comes out!! Can’t wait for Drew and Thorn’s books. Yay!!

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