Current Upcoming Release Schedule!

Close up of young muscular man lifting weights over dark backgro

BEARS Rule and so do READERS! ❤ 

Here’s a tentative release schedule for my upcoming books:

April 28 — BEAR SECURITY (Bearlicious Single*)

May 12 — BEAR SEEKING BRIDE: DREW (Bear Canyon Brides, Book 5)

June 2 — LUCKY BEAR (Wild Bear, Book 1**)

June 16 — BEAR SEEKING BRIDE: THORN (Bear Canyon Brides, Book 6)

June 30 — BUNNY BEAR (Wild Bear, Book 2**) 

*Bearlicious Singles are stories that are not part of a series.

**The Wild Bear is a bar where BEARS (and some humans) hang out in a town called Liberty. (This series will have three books!)

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