Let’s Get LUCKY!


LUCKY BEAR (Wild Bear, Book 1)

Finnegan “Lucky” Davis, a grizzly bear shifter, has spent the last year searching for a place to call home, and a mate to share his life. When he stops in Liberty to visit an old friend in the Wild Bear Bar, he falls for the feisty she-bear behind the counter the moment she scolds him for making a mess.

Tall, curvy, tomboy Isabelle Taylor hates the way her body reacts to the new bear in town. He’s big and sexy, everything she’s ever wanted in a mate, but she knows firsthand what it feels like to believe in silly dreams. Lucky might want her now, but no one new ever stays in Liberty.

Lucky can’t seem to catch a break with Isabelle. He knows they’re meant to be together, but she repeatedly turns down his advances until her cousin steps in and offers some advice. Suddenly, he’s got his mate right where he wants her, but the stubborn woman has other plans. He tries to be patient, but sometimes a bear has no choice but to show his mate how lucky he really is.

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