Final Bride, Two BEARS!

YAY! The last Bear Canyon Bride, BEAR SEEKING BRIDE: THORN, is now available!!


(BBW Menage/MFM Paranormal Shifter Romance)

Lonely, curvy girl, Ava Redmond is flailing aimlessly after selling her dream business six months ago. A new job and a new group of friends would be wonderful, but a family is what her heart truly desires. A devoted man, who appreciates her curves and freckles, would be just what the doctor ordered to push her loneliness away.

Identical twins and bear shifters, Doctors Gavin and Hawk Thorn have been searching a long time for a mate to complete their triad. They have worked hard to succeed in both their personal and professional lives, but their success means nothing without a mate to call their own.

Tired of meeting women only interested in sex and money, Gavin and Hawk place an ad for a bride listing all of their combined redeeming qualities. Desperate for change, Ava answers an ad for a mail order bride to a seemingly perfect man. When she finds out Thorn is actually two perfect men, she must decide whether to accept their love, or run back to her boring, lonely life.


Learn about all the BEAR CANYON BRIDES here!

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