Meet Gavin & Hawk Thorn!

Gavin & Hawk (BSB Thorn)

Name(s): Gavin & Hawk Thorn


Series: Bear Canyon Brides

Bear Type: Grizzly

Height: 6’4″

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Age: 34

Mate: Ava Redmond

Coppia orsi

2 thoughts on “Meet Gavin & Hawk Thorn!

  1. Just love your style and your heroines are classy, vivacious and curvy. Its like you tap into my fantasies with your heros’. I’m an avid reader and wish I had your skills to write!!!
    Cant wait for your next book.
    BTW I have never ever felt the need to leave an author a comment before (this is the 1st) thats how much your books have entertained me xx

    • Thank you so much, Anne! I’m glad you’re enjoying my books. Learning they touched you enough to make your first comment to an author means more than words can say! Thank you! ❤

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