YAY! BEAR SENTRY (The Enforcers, Book 2) is now available now on Amazon!

This book is my contribution to Eliza Gayle’s brand new Southern Shifters KindleWorld, but it’s also a stand-alone novella! It features characters and places from Eliza’s books, but the Hero and Heroine are mine, and the book can be enjoyed even if you are not familiar with the Southern Shifters series! (Although, you may want to check them out, because they are awesome! BE WERE is my favorite!)

2 thoughts on “BEAR SENTRY is Live!

  1. Hi Ruby

    I’ve been looking every day to see if I can get Bear sentry but it’s not available for purchase I love all your books. I have read all of the ones available up till now and I would love to read this book.

    Can you tell me when it will be available in the UK please.

    Thankyou Deb Bromell

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Deb,
      Unfortunately, BEAR SENTRY is part of a special project only available on Amazon US. Though I haven’t tried it, some non-US readers have had success getting the books. Email me ( and I’ll share the details with you. 🙂

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