AIDEN is (Finally!) Here!!

Curvy girl, Elizabeth “Liddy” Reed, has hit rock bottom. For the past five years, she’s been looking for love in all the wrong places, and her last attempt at happiness landed her in Blackbeary Creek, broke and alone.

Black bear shifter, Aiden Chambers, knows the chances of him ever finding a mate are slim. In fact, his serious, solemn personality practically dictates it. No woman wants to mate a man she’s afraid of, and outside of his clan, everyone thinks he’s either scary, unfriendly, or both.

Aiden is shocked to find out the woman who stole his lunch is his mate, but what’s even more surprising is that she isn’t afraid of him. Earning her trust and love, however, is a different story. Liddy knows Aiden is different the moment they meet, but she also knows loving him is a mistake—one that will surely break her heart when he finds out the truth about her past.

Find AIDEN on Amazon!

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