Cover Reveal (& Blurb) for SAVING THE BEAR!!

Silhouette of a athlete. Confident young fitness man with strong hands. Dramatic light.

YAY!! I’m so excited for Jase & Violet’s story to go live again!!

SAVING THE BEAR (formally Bear Sentry) will be Book 2 in both The Enforcers Series, AND my new series, Emerald Haven!

This book was originally written as a Kindle Worlds book, and because it had a lot of elements from the other author’s world, I had to do a lot of rewrites–and some expansion–to make it fit into Emerald Haven, but the result is pure awesome! ❤

Here’s the blurb:

After a routine mission turns deadly, bear shifter and former Enforcer, Jase Wagner is lost. The ability to trust his senses disappeared with the death of his partner and left him feeling worthless and unable to protect his clan. In an effort to find a place to fit in, he travels south and ends up in Emerald Haven, North Carolina.

Violet Black has lived in the small town of Emerald Haven her whole life. To outsiders, bears and wolf shifters living together as one clan might seem odd—especially when you add in a few half-human hybrids—but it works for their community. Being half-human doesn’t make her more or less equal in their clan, but being a curvy, plus-sized virgin with no shifter senses definitely makes her a freak. Luckily, no one ever gets close enough to learn the truth.

When Jase walks into the coffee shop where Violet works, his whole world flips upside down. He immediately recognizes Violet as his mate, but when she runs, he realizes his senses still can’t be trusted. As much as he thinks he wants Violet, he vows to leave her alone…until she forces him to protect her.

SAVING THE BEAR will release September 10!

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Top FIVE Book Questions & NEWS!!

Books and coffee

Hi Everyone!

So…here’s a fun fact: Friday will mark a year since I last published a book! Crazy, right?? DEFINITELY!! There were lots of reasons for the long break (mostly personal), but you guys know I’m not going to get into specifics. The good news is…I’m back!! The even better news? NEW BOOKS!! (*throws confetti*)

I’m going to tell you all about these new books soon, but first, I thought it would be fun to do a little book Q&A!! Even before my long break, you guys have been emailing/messaging me asking about certain books (which I love), and now that I finally have some news, I thought I would post the top five questions and answers for everyone here!!

And, I’ll reveal some release dates for you guys, too!! (WHOOP! WHOOP!!)

Ready? Okay! Here we go…

5. Will you ever write about the Locke Brothers/Maple Bear Falls?

For those of you who don’t know (!!), Jasper Locke appears in ETHAN (Blackbeary Creek, Book 1), and his three brothers, Marshall, Russell, and Calvin, are also mentioned. Jasper lives in Maple Bear Falls, and that series (along with two others) are planned spin-offs from Blackbeary Creek. When will they be written? I’m not exactly sure, but I know it won’t be in 2020…and it might not be in 2021, either. I have lots of stuff I want to write before I tackle all of those books, so for now, they are on hold indefinitely.

4. Are you going to write any more North Pole books?

This one is easy…YES!! The North Pole series will have two more books, and they will both be released in December!! For those who love Holiday/Christmas romance, don’t worry!! I have another Holiday series planned for next year!

3. Will you ever write more Bear Mountain Books? Will you ever write about the children?

Probably not. Bear Mountain is my favorite series, but I like that it’s complete, and I have no desire to write about the children. That doesn’t mean I never will (I never say never!), but I probably won’t. If I do write in that world again, it will most likely be with other bears/shifters.

2. What is Book 2 for The Enforcers Series? Why can’t I find/buy it? Where can I get it? Etc…

Book 2 for The Enforcers Series was a crossover Kindle World book called BEAR SENTRY. Kindle Worlds gave authors the opportunity to write in another author’s world, and it was a program run thru Amazon. The problem was, Amazon controlled the rights, and they only offered the books in the US. When Amazon closed the program, it created problems for many authors because many world owners didn’t want those books to be sold with their world elements in them—which meant lots of rewrites! You may remember this post, where I talked about it some, and said I wasn’t going to rewrite… Well, (and this is the good stuff!!)…I changed my mind!! (YAY!!)

Um, Ruby, what does that mean?

It means that I have rewritten Book 2!!! Not only that, I took my other Kindle World Book (WAKING THE BEAR), and rewrote that one, too!!!

AND I created my own series for these books…

AND I wrote three more books to go with them…

AND (!!) I will add three more books to this world next year!!

What? New books?? New Series??

YES!! My new Series, Emerald Haven, will start releasing in September!! Book 1, WAKING THE BEAR, will release on September 3, and Book 2, SAVING THE BEAR (formerly BEAR SENTRY) will release on September 10!!

Because both of these books were former Kindle Worlds books, all of the old world elements (which belonged to other authors) have been removed, and I have created my own world to tie them together. Book 1 has very minor changes, but Book 2’s changes are significant, so you’ll definitely want to read/reread it again!

(PS…SAVING THE BEAR will now be Book 2 in both The Enforcers Series, AND in my new series, Emerald Haven! Also, Emerald Haven will start with FIVE Books—Books 1 & 2 are the rerewrites, so you may have read them before, but Books 3-5 are Brand-New!!)

Phew…I know that’s a lot of info, but we still have one more question! It’s the number one asked question of all time, and I love that you guys love this family—these books—as much as I do…

1. Will you ever finish the Polar Bliss Series?

YES!! The Polar Bliss Series will be finished this year, with both Books 3 & 4 releasing in November!! Book 3 will release on November 8, and Book 4 will release on November 15!!!

YAY!!! (*throws more confetti*)

I KNOW this has been a long wait, but I love you all for sticking around!! (And if you’re new, then you’ve picked the right time to join this party!!) I’m so happy that I’m writing again, that I get to share all of these awesome books with you guys, and that you all love my heroes/heroines as much as I do!!

Thank you all for your continued support!! ❤


PS…I’ll be sharing the covers for Books 1 & 2 VERY soon!!





Going, Going, (Almost) GONE!

KW Final

So, as some of you may have heard, Amazon has decided to end Kindle Worlds!

For those of you that don’t know, Kindle Worlds was a way for authors to write in another author’s world. The downfall was that the books belonged to Amazon, and they were only available in the US store. Unfortunately, the closing of Kindle Worlds doesn’t suddenly make these books available to everyone–there are still parts of the books that are owned by the world owners, and many world owners are handling the copyright issues differently. In fact, only one thing is for sure during this change: In order to release these books again, some kind of rewrites would have to happen.

WAKING THE BEAR is part of Celia Kyle’s Grayslake World, and it isn’t connected to any more of my books.

BEAR SENTRY is part of Eliza Gayle’s Southern Shifter’s World, AND it’s book two in my Enforcers Series.

EDIT: August 2019

There was some other stuff written here about how I wasn’t going to do rewrites, blah, blah, blah…so I edited it all out! LOL! *This is why I “Never Say Never!”*

I’ve rewritten both books, and in doing so, striped them of all the elements belonging to the other authors/worlds, and created my own brand-new world called Emerald Haven!

WAKING THE BEAR (Book 1) will release September 2019!

SAVING THE BEAR (Book 2, formerly Bear Sentry) will also release September 2019!
(PS…SAVING THE BEAR will also continue to be Book 2 of The Enforcers Series!)

Both books will be available on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited!