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FORGIVING THE DRAGON (Winged Mountain, Book 3) ~

Dragon shifter, Anton Smith, knows what it’s like to be abandoned and alone. He lived the first fifty years of his life that way, and though he is now an important part of his clan, and has been for several decades, he is still haunted by the memories of where he came from. A mate shouldn’t care, but that didn’t stop his from running after learning the truth.

After a year in captivity, the only thing keeping curvy dragon shifter, Sabine Prescott, alive is the hope that one day her mate will find and rescue her. After the betrayal of her family, she worried for his safety, but she could never allow herself to believe that anything had truly happened to him. If she did, then she would never survive. 

Anton is trying hard to get over his mate, but how can he when she’s the only one his dragon wants? When her captor makes a mistake, and Sabine is able to free herself, she runs to the safety of her mate and his clan. Unfortunately, Anton isn’t the mate she believed him to be, and forgiveness doesn’t come easy. Anton knows he messed up, and though he doesn’t deserve his mate, he’ll do everything in his power to make sure no one ever hurts her again. 

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