BREAKING THE DRAGON (Winged Mountain, Book 2)~

Curvy girl, Holly Winters, is tired of having her life dictated by the past. She may have sworn off men, but she’s done not living her best life. In an effort to gain back some of her independence, she closes her shop for the weekend, and takes a road trip for the first time in months. 

Dragon shifter, Bastian Knight, doesn’t need or want a mate. Okay…he might want one, but he knows having a mate isn’t for him. The last time he found someone he wanted to spend his life with, he’d ended up making mistakes that could never be undone, and he couldn’t risk ever becoming that person again. 

When Holly meets Bastian, their connection is instant, and suddenly, everything changes. They both find something they thought they could never have in the other, but sometimes the past doesn’t stay buried where it should, and a dragon has to break before his mate can help put him back together again. 

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