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HOPELESS RIVER (Grizzly Bear Lake, Book 4) ~

Grizzly bear shifter, Lacey, is the youngest and only female sibling of the Rivers family—or, at least she was until all three of her brothers recently mated. After over thirty years of being the only one, the women in the family finally outnumber the men, and she knows those odds aren’t going to change anytime soon. Not when her chances of finding a mate are basically zero. Even if she was looking—which she isn’t—she’s tall, curvy, and she stopped wasting her time with guests from the resort a long time ago. Having her heart broken once was enough to change her way of thinking when it came to a mate, and she no longer hoped for something that would never happen. Really. Of course, that didn’t mean she couldn’t have a little fun sometimes. After all, women have needs, too, and the big, sexy, nomad biker passing through town was the perfect man to help bury her ongoing loneliness for just one night. Too bad he forgot to mention that only sticking around for one night was never part of his plan.

Two years ago, Grant Hawkins left his corporate life behind, bought a motorcycle, and set out on the open road. After serving time in the military, and then trying to do the right thing for the woman he thought he loved, he was determined to live his life the way he wanted, and that meant working outside and getting as close to nature as possible. Living his life on the road left no room for a permanent relationship, and that was fine with him. More than fine, actually. He’d already tried giving up his dreams and doing the responsible thing once, and when that period of time ended—badly—he’d vowed to never make those sacrifices again. That vow had been easy to keep because he’d never wanted another woman by his side. Until now. Lacey Rivers was the only woman he’d ever met who had the power to change his whole life, and luckily, he was more than ready for the change. Now all he had to do was convince the stubborn, curvy beauty to accept his promise of forever.

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LOYAL RIVER (Grizzly Bear Lake, Book 3)~

Curvy girl, Olivia “Livi” Taylor is done with men for good. In all aspects of her life—both professional and personal—men have always worked to destroy her, but this time they’ve succeeded. Her only choice is to move far away and start all over again, and honestly, she’s not that sad about leaving. Not when she’s still hurting over her last break-up. As soon as she ties up all the loose ends, she’ll be long gone, but that’s the problem. One of those loose ends is Levi Rivers, her ex-fiancé. After a lifetime of seeing the worst in men, Levi had made her believe in something more than love. He’d promised her forever, and she’d given him her heart. Unfortunately, when things got tough, he’d crushed it just like everyone else.

Levi Rivers, grizzly bear shifter, and the oldest sibling in the Rivers family, knows he messed up when he let Livi go six months ago, but at the time, he’d been too consumed with hurt and anger to chase after her. Though the feelings weren’t as strong as they once were, he still couldn’t face her. Not without begging for another chance, and he wasn’t willing to stoop that low. Not when he’d loved her with his whole-heart, and she’d run when he’d shown her his whole-self.

When Livi shows up unannounced, trying to walk out of Levi’s life forever, all the pent-up hurt, anger, and love he has for her battles for dominance, but even before he sees the pain she tries to hide, he already knows which emotion will win. He might still be angry, but she’s the only woman he’s ever wanted to claim as his mate, and neither time nor distance will ever change that. Now all he has to do is figure out a way to stop her from leaving, and then grovel enough to convince her to stay forever.

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