Jase is back (YAY!!) and he’s better than ever!! ❤ 

SAVING THE BEAR (Emerald Haven, Book 2) is now available in the Kindle Store!! If you’ve already read “Bear Sentry”, you don’t have to read this book, but I definitely think you should…it’s been revised AND extended, and reading it will make the rest of the series much more enjoyable! 🙂

Here’s the blurb:

After a routine mission turns deadly, bear shifter and former Enforcer, Jase Wagner is lost. The ability to trust his senses disappeared with the death of his partner and left him feeling worthless and unable to protect his clan. In an effort to find a place to fit in, he travels south and ends up in Emerald Haven, North Carolina.

Violet Black has lived in the small town of Emerald Haven her whole life. To outsiders, bears and wolf shifters living together as one clan might seem odd—especially when you add in a few half-human hybrids—but it works for their community. Being half-human doesn’t make her more or less equal in their clan, but being a curvy, plus-sized virgin with no shifter senses definitely makes her a freak. Luckily, no one ever gets close enough to learn the truth.

When Jase walks into the coffee shop where Violet works, his whole world flips upside down. He immediately recognizes Violet as his mate, but when she runs, he realizes his senses still can’t be trusted. As much as he thinks he wants Violet, he vows to leave her alone…until she forces him to protect her.

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NOTE: For those of you that don’t know the history behind this story, click here and here for all the deets, and then click here to get your copy of SAVING THE BEAR!