Updates: Vacation, New Bears & New Series!

Yes! You read that right! New Bears and New Series; but first a vacation! 🙂

I’ll be in Florida for the first two weeks of June, and then–because I know I’ll need the time to recover–I’m taking another week to do nothing at home! I plan to be “off the grid” during this time (no FaceBook, Twitter, Email, etc), but don’t worry…I’ll be back in July with a brand new series!!

BLACKBEARY CREEK is a brand-new, five book series, coming in July! The first book will release July 5, and the rest of the books will release (in order) every 3-4 weeks after that. Following BLACKBEARY CREEK, you can look forward to the last two books in the Polar Bliss series, one book in a new Kindle World (more info later!), and (finally!) the final two books in The Enforcers Series! Oh, and don’t forget a new North Pole Bear in December!

The exact order/release dates of these books isn’t finalized, but they will move us into next year, and then you can look forward to all the spin-off series I have planned! 🙂

See…Lots and lots of Bears to look forward to! 🙂

Have a Beary Happy June, and I’ll see you in July! ❤


Little Drummer Bear is here…Again!

LITTLE DRUMMER BEAR (previously published in the SHIFTER WONDERLAND Boxed Set) is now live on Amazon! If you didn’t already get a copy in SHIFTER WONDERLAND, or you’d like a single version to add to your bookshelf, pick up your copy today!! 🙂

PS…If you’ve read the book, even as part of SHIFTER WONDERLAND, please consider leaving a review! (If you left a boxed set review, you can copy/paste and edit out the comments about the other books in the set!) Thank you! ❤