(Grizzly Bear Lake, Book 1)

All curvy girl Elle Masters wants to do is open her own bakery. She’s been saving for years, but when her brother dies unexpectedly, the inheritance he leaves behind means her dream is closer than ever. Unfortunately, the money is only hers if she fulfills one—tiny—little stipulation.

Grizzly bear shifter, Liam Rivers, is shocked to learn that his friend is dead, but even more shocking is the man’s last wish, because his friend knew exactly how messed up he is on the inside. Elle is soft, and beautiful, and everything he isn’t, and she deserves a husband—even a fake one—who isn’t broken.

Elle doesn’t understand her brother’s motives for forcing her to marry his friend, especially when it’s obvious she’s not his type, but she trusted her late sibling more than anyone, and she wants the money he left her. Liam knows he doesn’t deserve a bride, not even a fake one, but he owes his friend a great debt, and having Elle by his side for the next two years won’t be a hardship. Instead, the real challenge will be staying far enough away so that no one gets hurt when the contract is over.