(Grizzly Bear Lake, Book 2)


Anastasia “Stacey” Rourke is done trying to be perfect. She’s tall and curvy, with big hair and an even bigger laugh, and after a lifetime of trying to fit in with her family and their friends, she’s finally done. Sacrificing every ounce of happiness for something that’s impossible to achieve is a stupid way to live, and she’s done putting everyone before herself. In an effort to change her life, and finally start loving her imperfections, she applies for a job at Bear Lake. Suddenly, everything in her life is perfectly imperfect…except for the fact that Mr. Perfect, Lael Rivers, wants to be her friend.

Grizzly bear shifter, Lael Rivers, is tired of being alone. He’s been told he’s the perfect man more times than he can count, but hearing the lake girls swoon over him got old a long time ago. He knows he’s good looking, but he wants someone to look deeper and love him for what’s on the inside. Sadly, meeting someone like that at the lake is nearly impossible, and since he spends most of his time working, he wonders if he’ll ever meet anyone worth sharing his life with. Until he meets Stacey. Now all he has to do is convince the sexy, stubborn woman to give him a chance.