The Enforcers

The Enforcers are the protectors of their Clan…and their Mates!

            Portrait of a young sexy shirtless man in underwear    Portrait of a young sexy shirtless man in underwear

BEAR SECURITY (Book 1) — Available Now!
SAVING THE BEAR* (Book 2) — Available Now!
BEAR ASSASSIN (Book 3) — Available Now!
BEAR PROTECTION (Book 4) — Available Now!
BEAR GUARDIAN (Book 5) — Available Now!

(Each book can be read as a stand-alone novella!)

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Be sure to check out the crossover series, Emerald Haven, here!

*SAVING THE BEAR: This book was formerly an Enforcers/Southern Shifters Crossover Novella for Kindle Worlds, called Bear Sentry. (This means that I wrote a story in another author’s world using my characters.) It has been revised/edited to fit into my new series, Emerald Haven!

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